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Television sets are the centerpiece of every living room in Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City. When homeowners need their brand new TV mounted, they call Hometown Handyman LLC. It’s not just because our services come with a warranty, or because our schedules are flexible, it’s because we’re the best at what we do. TV mounting, one of our many specialties, is no insignificant task. When you need your television set mounted and installed, call Hometown Handyman LLC. We’re the most trusted TV mounting technicians in the area.

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TV Mounting Technicians in Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City

When you buy a new television or move into a new home, mounting your TV to the wall might seem easy at first, but think again. Hammering your TV wall brackets into your new walls might be simple enough—but to get the results you really want, you’re going to need to put your trust in a professional. An amateur might tell you that TV wall mount installation is just one simple step, but that’s nonsense.

TV wall mount installation isn’t just about nailing your TV brackets into some studs. Professional TV mounting takes many different things into consideration. Some of the things Hometown Handyman LLC considers when you call us for your TV wall mount installation include (but are not limited to):

  1. Cord Concealment: The appeal of the wall-mounted television is its sleek look—as if the television set is floating in mid-air. A flat-screen television loses its sleek and modern look when cords are crawling out from behind it along your walls and floor. Does your local handyman know how to properly conceal your cords during the TV mounting process? Hometown Handyman LLC can install your cords safely inside your wall. Not only that, but we’ll even make sure your wall has a nearby electrical outlet.
  2. Find the Right Wall: You might want your television to be mounted on a certain wall, but can that wall handle a mounted TV? Maybe not. Even the lightest television sets require one or two wall studs. When you call Hometown Handyman LLC, we’ll make sure that your TV is mounted on the right wall!
  3. Finding the Right Angle: Hometown Handyman LLC is the TV mounting professional with an eye for design and home decor. We’ll make sure your television is placed in the correct position. Not just for safety purposes or practical reasons, but for your own viewing pleasure.
  4. Insured Accessibility: It is important that all the ports and buttons on your television be accessible to you and your family. Hometown Handyman LLC always takes the accessibility of your mounted television set into consideration when we’re installing it.

Installation, placement, and proper bracketing—these are just a few of the things Hometown Handyman LLC takes into consideration when we’re installing your television set.

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TV Wall Mount Installation Services

Some TV mounting technicians are of the fly-by-night variety. But not Hometown Handyman LLC. Our services come with guarantees, warranties, and we’re always easy to find. That’s because we’re the company that keeps close ties to our community. To schedule a consultation with one of our TV mounting technicians, call Hometown Handyman LLC today.

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